Women in Computing Research Workshop 2015




This workshop is geared towards undergraduate and graduate women who are interested in computing, whether as a major/minor or as a hobby. Come join women from the Triangle area to learn more about what all you can do with Computer Science and related areas.

  • Hear about exciting computing areas that current graduate/undergraduate students are working on
  • Interact with women graduate students in different computing research areas/projects
  • Ask questions about the experiences of other women in computing
  • Learn about resources that can help you lead a successful career in computing, or aid you as you take computing related courses
  • Meet more women in computing, have a great time, and eat good food and get some swag!



SN011, The Department of Computer Science, Brooks Computer Science Building, UNC



9:30am-10:30am Registration Open
10:00am-10:30am Breakfast!
Enjoy an informal breakfast and mingle with other women in computing
10:30am-11:00am Keynote Speaker
Laurie Williams
Professor and Acting Department Head, North Carolina State University Department of Computer Science
11:00am-12:15pm Research Flash Talks
Hear current graduate/undergraduate women talk about their research projects! We’ll cover areas such as computer vision, computational biology, physical modeling, natural language processing, security, real-time systems, computational geometry, visualization, graphics, robotics and more!

Physical Modeling / (Alex) Shan Yang
Real-time Systems / Bipasa Chattopadhyay
Scientific Visualization / Oluwafemi Alabi
Robotics / Hannah Kerner
Motion capture, Medical image / Hina Shah
Research as a transfer student / Marie Nesfield
Computational Biology, Applied Math / Natalie Stanley
Computational Genetics / Ping Fu
Networking / Qianwen Yin
Natural Language Processing / Rachel Broad
Security / Sarah Andrabi
Computer Graphics / Sarah Rust
Computer Vision / Yipin Zhou

12:15pm-01:00pm Lunch
Enjoy some delicious food while talking to graduate students in research areas that interest you.
01:00pm-01:45pm Panel Discussion
Hear seniors, graduate students, and professors in computing talk about the challenges they faced and what helped them succeed. Ask questions about what resources can help you in your coursework, research, grad school applications, or the job hunt!

Ming Lin, Distinguished Professor
Hyo Jin Kim, Ph.D. Student
Hannah Kerner, First-year Grad
Sarah Gabr, Senior Undergrad
Anya Derbakova, IBM
Belinda Vennam, IBM

01:45pm-02:00pm Wrap Up
See you next year!


Parking Map

Parking map



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